Boulder, Colorado, USA

Acabo de enviar mi candidatura para el curso intensivo de profesores para el verano de 2017 con Richard Freeman  y Mary Taylor ( Richard es un practicante de largo recorrido. Es una referencia mundial de Ashtanga Yoga pero también reconocido por su abordaje filosófico y meditativo del yoga.  Para mi seria un honor poder practicar con él. Esperaré la respuesta con alguna ansiedad 🙂

Os dejo las preguntas importantes del formulario de candidatura, las que tienen que ver con yoga directamente  pues tuve que exponer un poco mi visión del yoga (en ingles).

Describe your yoga practice

I practice 5 or 6 times a week the ashtanga sequences. First, second and one third of the third series (A Series). I don’t have any rule for which series to practice. It depends on my energy, amount of work and family/child demands. I can have a week where I practice 4 times the third series and one where I can only do half of primary series.

Two to three times a week I do my pranayama (in between classes) and not always the ashtanga pranayama sequence.

Do you have any meditation practice? If yes, please explain

I meditate after pranayama and sometimes when I finish classes I seat in silence. I feel quite confortable sitting for half an hour in half lotus but I don’t have a discipline in meditation similar to my asana practice.

What might you as an individual bring to the Teachers Intensive?

First of all, I believe every individual, no matter what background and experience it has, has something to give and share.

Personally I see yoga as a path to follow. That means the path was there before you arrive to this life and this path is crossed by many other paths from all life experiences. I often see many similitudes between yoga and life experiences described by artists: novels, paintings, music, sculpture. Because of that I created an event called Art & Yoga where I invite people from both worlds to talk about their introspective experience. I also created a couple of shows where yoga philosophy was mixed with music and theatre and I presented them in public. Writing is another activity where I explore this crossed worlds.

Bottom line, yoga experiences exist in our world in different formats, but yoga is a specific method that put human effort in getting into this states. Obviously there is not a specific line that divides yoga from the rest of human experiences and I like to explore this space.

What is your “edge” in yoga? What limits, disrupts, sabotages, or deeply inspires your practice?

In my mind I feel like exploring yoga until it`s maximum expression. Watching and reading the features of ancient yogis I feel attracted by all the physical expressions of yoga, but also by all their meditation experiences and of course by the nectar of samadhi. In the first ten years of my life I explored my asana practice to the limits of my body. The experience was very blossom and I discovered many things about myself and the unending realms of mind and consciousness.

As everyone, my personal life showed me same limits. I found that my body has a limit and that ageing is something real. I discover that my mind can only bear same limited time alone with itself and that I don’t control my emotions as well as I thought I did.

Having a family is a choice with a trade-off in time and dedication in what regards my practice. I don’t practice every time I want or feel like and in what regards meditation I’m still trying to find some space for it in my life.

But after 16 years of researching in the yoga paths I keep my illusion of finding something deeper and bigger than myself. It is this believe that makes me wake up every morning at 6 a.m.

Please write a paragraph on why you want to do the Teachers Intensive . If you fell that it is important that you attend this year’s intensive , please explain why. If you have applied to the Intensive in the past but have not been accepted or have not attend, please mention this and explain.

There are moments in life where you feel like stopping and looking to yourself and see if what you are doing is correct or it is going on the right way. After 4 trips to Mysore and many years practicing and studying, I engage in parenting life and my priorities change a little bit. I never lost my practice neiher the interest on studying yoga. Although I did a break in my yoga travelings and meeting people that inspired and help me in this research. Having the possibility of spending a full month with Richard Freeman and Mary Taylor it is very attractive for me in this moment of my life. Is like being 5 years without looking at a mirror and suddenly I have the opportunity to look at one really close.

My teaching is became more mature, but at the same time some doubts assault me and I feel the need to be a student, to ask and listen, to be touched instead of touching. We all need this balance between giving and receiving and I really hope that Richard and Mary can help me in finding this more harmonic state.

This urge is in accordance with the possibility to travel to the United States with my family. I have been thinking of it for more than a year and I really hope that possibility becomes real.




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